Sarah Ross, has been carrying on Lauries dream.  Keeping Fur and Feather moving forward.

It has been no easy task For Sarah and Brad, loosing Laurie has been very hard for both of them,and learning all that Laurie did  to keep Fur and Feather going. Now a year has passed and Fur and Feather is doing better than ever.   Many new and exciting things are in the works for FFAA.

We encourage people to come and visit us, meet the dogs, help out for the day or stay a couple.  We are working on fixing up our existing guest trailer, and hope to get one more,so guests and volunteers can stay at Fur and Feather.

We are still taking dogs in, and have had many successful adoptions.  We are working with Catron county, collaborating on ideas for controlling the animal populations.  We are moving in a new direction to  better help the community for low cost spay and neuter programs.

Fur and Feather is a place where each individual’s history and needs are taken into account. We have spayed and neutered more than 1,500 animals and matched hundreds of them with loving families

More than a “no kill” shelter, Fur and Feather has become a forever home where animals who are older, disabled, or otherwise hard to adopt can live out their years in a beautiful setting with people and animals who truly know and love them. This has particularly been a Godsend for lost and abandoned animals and those whose people have died.Facilities include several dog runs where “family groups” live and play, roomy kennels for individuals that need alone time or a warm place to bed down at night, an out-of-this world cat barn with outside space, cozy beds, and plenty of ledges and tunnels to explore. Dogs and cats who’ve proven to be 100% peaceful share the run of the 90-acre facility with a handful of rescued horses, donkeys, and chickens.

In providing lifelong support for these animals, Laurie’s vision included loving hospice care and marked, tended graves for each resident in one of the most beautiful spots on the farm.

Her animals, in turn, supported her as she battled with cancer, giving her the inspiration to outlive predicted timelines and surrounding her as she spent more and more time resting.

While Laurie is no longer with us physically, she is still our guiding light. Fur and Feather will continue to give every animal a chance, and the best way to honor her legacy is to support that vision in whatever way you can here at furandfeather.org.

Laurie is survived by her husband Brad, sister Linda, and parents Henry and Joanne.

Fur and Feather Animal Assistance is a permanent residential facility for dogs and cats designed for comfort, well-being, and CARE FOR LIFE. Our no-kill sanctuary is located in rural western New Mexico.

Established in the fall of 2003 our mission is rescuing lost, abandoned, or unwanted animals in Catron County and the surrounding New Mexico communities.

Fur and Feather provides a loving and stable environment at our sanctuary for these animals to live in. We care for each animal through the adoption process or through old age. Fur and Feather has provided homes to pets whose owners can no longer take care of them due to illness, death in the family, or financial crisis. We are also part of a network of shelters that provides a safe haven for the pets of victims of domestic violence. Our residents include disabled and elderly dogs, plus many healthy, abandoned and relinquished dogs of all sizes, types, and personalities.

Every dog and cat that passes through our hands is spayed or neutered. To date we’ve been able to spay or neuter over 1,500 pets.

OUR MISSION:  To alleviate animal suffering by providing sanctuary from abuse, neglect, and homelessness; to end the killing of healthy animals as a method of population control; to teach that animals are intrinsically valuable, worthy of respect, compassion and care. Fur and Feather Animal Assistance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Looking to adopt a new Fur baby give us a call!
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Della Woods LindquistHello! I am sending a donation to you via our real estate agent professional , Mary Griert...I am sorry I did not get up to Pie Town or Quemado on my recent trip...Mary said she'd bring it up to Quemado it includes some clothes and a kayak stacker!5 days ago

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Good day all!!
So we had a Purina laps in getting our load of dog food. They have a change of supervisors and the new one is out of the office for 2 weeks. We are running low on food.

So, we need help with donations of dry dog food, anything will help.
You can get a hold of Sarah via e-mail, facebook, or call 575-773-4674
Donations of dry food can be dropped of at our Fur and Feather drop box in Quemado,or The Gatherin" Place in Pie Town.

Please give us a quick notification as to where you dropped it off.

Thank you all for your support.

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Dakota MaloneHi Houdini.... You are a great dog!! 💛💙💜💚❤💛💙💜💚❤3 weeks ago

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We are currently in the market for some very serious quotes from a general contractor that does stucco and not afraid of restoration, a Plumber and an electrician. We are putting together Grant information to help restore a historical building located downtown Quemado. ... See MoreSee Less

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Katharina MontoyaWe are interested. Marcial Montoya General Contractor. 575-418-8333 Quemado. We also have subs for plumbing and electric.1 month ago
Chantel Carmella CamposMontoyaIs this for the Animals ??1 month ago
Chantel Carmella CamposMontoyaI sent you a number for Tony Hands1 month ago
Jenn Boer VisHybrid plumbing. I believe I gave the numbers earlier.1 month ago

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We picked up another exhausted girl today from the Toaster House. Followed hikers 60 miles from Reserve. Near Collins Park. She is skinny and tired but is goin home with us. Ranchers near that area missing a sweet girl? PLEASE SHARE.
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Raquel Rocky LaceyThis dog belongs to Paul Decker off the Deadman Ranch he is looking for her and were trying to get a message to him , there is limited cell service there. Please hold onto her and he will be there to get her.1 month ago   ·  4
Don DulaneyThat's Rally Dog!! Belongs to Paul Decker, Deadman Ranch, Reserve.1 month ago   ·  5
Janet GabrielsonThis makes me so happy- hooray for Paul Decker and Rally!1 month ago   ·  1
Scotty Ray FitzgeraldI Bet These Folks R Thinking How Does This Many Folks Know Paul Decker lol And Knows Is Dog Is Missing lol1 month ago   ·  2
Rene' DraperPlease please hold her for Paul Decker. It's his friend and companion.1 month ago   ·  1
Susan MayerI am going to say it is!! Praying it is!!1 month ago   ·  1
Charles SchramGood stuff1 month ago
Maureen CallahanPaul decker is her daddy please hold her1 month ago
Mara La BelleSo glad to see then reunited.1 month ago
Talli Anne HuniganPaul Decker on Deadman Ranch. This is his baby!!!1 month ago
Marlene SmithThat's your rally hound Paul Decker ain't it1 month ago
Vickie WhitisPaul Decker,is looking for her,,hang on to her !!!1 month ago
Francie CoonAwesome news!!! Yay Paul Decker1 month ago
Gene Elizabeth McBridePaul Decker is this her1 month ago

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We picked up a sweet boy found by some hikers a few days ago. We are making arrangements for him to be fixed. He is about 2 years old. He has been great with the other dogs, cats and kids. He is a gentle dude an gorgeous. We think he is a heeler, hound, retriever mix. He has one white eye and one brown. Very adorable. ... See MoreSee Less

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John MizeI would really like a dog like that i have a cat would take good. Care of him and give him alot of love1 month ago
Johnny AppaThank you so much for helping him! You are heroes.1 month ago
Danell Somers LytellCute dog! These pictures make me laugh.1 month ago

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Fur and Feather Donation Bin is now in front of what will soon become our very own Thrift Store and Event Center. Thank you to all who have donated thus far! If you have a large amount of donations or have larger items please contact us to schedule a pick up! And stay tuned for the transformation of this great building! #ANIMALLIVESMATTER! ... See MoreSee Less

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Marnie Ashbywould someone pls call me 533 6603 about items for the thrift store?4 days ago
Chantel Carmella CamposMontoyaThis is great !!!!!1 month ago

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