The F+F farm accepts lost and abandoned dogs and cats and offers care for life. Our sanctuary is located in the west central mountains of New Mexico at 8,000ft, just 60 miles east of the Arizona Border on Highway 60. Our residents include disabled and elderly dogs, plus many healthy, abandoned and relinquished dogs of all sizes, types, and personalities. We average anywhere from 70-100 or more dogs at any given time depending on our intake and number of adoptions. Our cat population usually averages over 100 animals.

Even though most of the dogs and cats are up for adoption, some of the animals we take in will spend their lives living with us in Pie Town. At F+F we feel our duty is to protect these animals and serve New Mexico communities.

Our goal is to make Catron County and the State of New Mexico a better place by offering animal care services through programs providing animal education for misunderstood breeds, rehabilitation efforts, low cost spay and neuter, and teaching proper animal care for all pets not only those adopted through FFAA.

FFAA spays or neuters every animal that crosses our door. Since our beginning in 2003, we estimate that we have altered over 1,400+ animals including rescues and the pets of families that cannot afford the cost of the surgery. Our goal is to make Catron County and the State of New Mexico a better place. Our animal care service programs provide animal education for misunderstood breeds, rehabilitation efforts, low cost spay and neuter, and teaching proper animal care for all pets. We do this because “every one deserves a chance”.

OUR MISSION:  To alleviate animal suffering by providing sanctuary from abuse, neglect, and homelessness; to end the killing of healthy animals as a method of population control; to teach that animals are intrinsically valuable, worthy of respect, compassion and care.


Duke and Samantha's Next Chapter
Thank you Deb Kerkorian for finding Duke and Samantha a forever home. They will have plenty of room to hangout with their four new siblings on two fenced (and beautifully landscaped) acres. Duke and Samantha's new yard looks like doggy paradise. There is even a pool with graduated steps. Their new person is home most of the time and has promised to take them up to play in the snow. The photos show Duke and Samantha's trip to their new home and include a stop for a surprise visit to Louis. Good luck Duke and Samantha. Thank you for touching my life. (6 photos)
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Tammy OlsonA very Happy Tail! Or, Tails!5 days ago   ·  1
Peggy HardmanHeart singing right now; wonderful news!5 days ago   ·  1
Michele RoseWonderful!!!!!5 days ago   ·  1

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he might be released monday after lunch. ... See MoreSee Less

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Susan RobinsonThese pictures tell a smart, loving story. I love seeing them in their new home with their new friends.5 days ago   ·  1
Peggy HardmanI know dozens of 4 and 2-leggeds who will be beyond happy to have Brad home. :)6 days ago   ·  2

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good news for brad. his friday surgery went great. they put his own skin on all 3 spots and now he is sitting tight until monday. they expect he can probably come home monday afternoon if the bandage change is positive. now we just need to find him a ride. things are looking up! ... See MoreSee Less

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Debra Jane KrikorianIf someone can put Brad up for Mon night, we can pick him up as we go thru ABQ on Tues Morning and take him home...just need coordinates on where to find him!...5 days ago
Paul CasterArrrrg! Congrats Brad...sorry I'm not available for transport driver!5 days ago
Michele RoseWhen does he need the ride? From ABQ to Pie Town?6 days ago
Susan Robinson"Things are looking up" is such a wonderful thing to be able to say.6 days ago
Peggy HardmanWonderful!!!! If I were not working, I'd volunteer, but know there will be plenty of folks ready to get Brad home.6 days ago

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wednesday pm, brad update. his tuesday surgery revealed an infecton under the new skin graph. they re-did and will check it again on friday to put his own skin on. ankle is healing good tho. he will be there at least another wk. his bedside phone is 505-272-9952. rm number is 4th floor east #7 thanks for the prayers. it is a lonely place. ... See MoreSee Less

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Peggy Moeller MeadWill be back in abq this weekend.. I have choc To take to hom51 week ago   ·  1
Peggy HardmanBrad, hugs. I know how lonely those places are especially when you are so used to being surrounded by all-kinds-of-legged creatures giving more love than seems possible. But, you'll be home soon, and won't all rejoice! Lean on the love; you are such an inspiration and hero to so many; let us lift you up!1 week ago   ·  1
Debra Jane KrikorianWe will be there tomorrow afternoon...thinking good thoughts1 week ago   ·  1
Marie PrivettPraying!!!1 week ago   ·  1
Karen Woodprayers1 week ago
Tammy OlsonOh no, was hoping "George" would be a good friend to him! We'll go see him tomorrow evening if we can.1 week ago
Vicki BarnettI so wish I was closer so I could help out but will send more $'s as soon as I can and wish you all the best from afar!!!! Thinking of you.1 week ago
Zina ZamoraPrayers. Thank you for the updates.1 week ago
Pamela Jeanne Ottpraying the new skin graph will be successful!!! <31 week ago

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