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By Peggy at Monday 25 June 2021
My Aunt Betty passed away yesterday morning is now with her pit bulls, Blackie & Brownie,whom she missed. Made a donation in her memory!
By Fur and Feather Animal Assistance at Friday 01 June 2021
Sharon, thank you for including us in Promise's life this way. The
message from you, the obit and the photos are beautiful.
By Fur and Feather Animal Assistance at Friday 01 June 2021
Laurie, just opened Sharon's email about Promise.....I wanted to let you know how lovely your obituary for this little dog is.....I've read and re-read it several times already. How fortunate your animals are to have you and Brad to provide such love and care and devotion to all who are with you. Love, Judy
By Fur and Feather Animal Assistance at Friday 01 June 2021
I am so very sorry to hear about Promise. She was a promise to everyone who met her that each cloud has a silver lining - hers was finding her way to F&F;. I only met her once, but I will always remember her.
Sandy Evans, Buffy, and Penny
By KYLE HUMPHREYS at Friday 02 December 2020
Thank you guys so much for taking my homeless dogs! I just didn't have it in me to take to the pound here! Dawson (aka Waffle) will make a great addition to any family. Daisy will be a great addition and protector. I miss them both, and can't wait to hear their future stories!
By Maggie at Wednesday 09 November 2021
We adopted OTIS from FFAA 4-5 years ago, & he is a total joy. He was near-death when they found him, but was lovingly brought back to health before we adopted him. We are so grateful to Laurie & friends for rescuing him & all the other wonderful animals. FFAA does a wonderful job & is so deserving of our support.
By Gclub at Thursday 07 July 2021
Your website is very nice. I love it.
By Tom & SHeila at Friday 04 March 2021
We adopted Jackson last May & he has been a great addition to our family. We just call him Jak now; he seems to like that! He will be taking a 3000 mile truck ride with me to Northern California & return to Magdalena very soon...he really likes riding with me.

Thanks for all that you do for the animals, and
for the lucky people that adopt them.
By Carrie at Wednesday 12 January 2021
I fell in love with a older dog on the website last year and my husband and I drove to Pie Town to go and adopt her. Her name is Pepper and she is a black lab cross, older dog. She has been the best addition to our family and we are so happy with her. She has her own bed in my middle daughters room and she loves to play ball and go for walks. Thanks Laurie and everyone down there for your wonderful love for animals. All of our dogs are very old so when its time again we will be back :)
By kathleen fasanella at Monday 24 May 2021
Very pleased with everything, the evaluation and rating process is invaluable! We are very pleased with the two new additions (dogs) to our family. Everyone is adjusting nicely after the long drive and getting to know one another. We had special needs, these dogs don't chase or kill sheep, cats or chickens just as Laurie promised!!!

I had a chance to meet a lot of the animals pictured on this site. I loved Bam Bam (don't remember if she was appropriate for us), she is going to make a family very happy. She is deaf but she minds by sign language. She was signed to stop barking and she did. She was signed to stop running the fences and she did. Very cool!

And if that black cat greeter you use to train dogs goes missing, I swear I have/had nothing to do with it.
By Ed Lord at Thursday 25 February 2021
Thanks to the 2 of you for fostering Molly & Ruby for me at your location until the transportation for them to be shipped back to me can be worked out. I miss them so much , and of course when we are reunited, I will be sending you pictures of it :))
By Anne at Tuesday 09 February 2021
We adopted Mr. Beau our Great Pyrenees from Laurie last April. She explained both the pros and cons about Beau. We love him so!! Keep up the good work, kudo's to everyone you work so hard for such a good cause!!
By Melissa Salas at Thursday 04 February 2021
We adopted "Hardy" about a month ago from the ranch and want to say how much we enjoyed our visit and just love what you are doing for all the animals. Hardy is adjusting slowly, but we love him and are taking things one day at a time. Thank you again for all you do there.
By Cathy Acord at Friday 29 January 2021
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the new website - makes such a difference!!
I really miss walking & visiting with the pups - see you in April.
By Kim Dutton at Sunday 17 January 2021
We recently visited and adopted Jasper from Fur and Feather. He is a great addition to our family. Thank you all so much for saving the lives of these great creatures! Your ranch is an amazing place!
By Caroline Bogart at Saturday 09 January 2021
Hey guys -- here's your new web site. Thank you for your kindness to animals.
-- Caroline