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In Memorium



One of the old-timers went on his way today. What a gallant old dog he was. We didn’t know him for very long but you could see the strong spirit in his eyes and his desire to live every moment to the fullest.

Panda gave us all something. He showed gratitude to all of us for every little thing. A pat on the head, a special treat, and especially that canned food. He waited all day, every day, for his special meal in the evening. That was his greatest joy.Then off to bed on his big soft cushion. None of us will ever know what kind of life Panda had before he came to Fur and Feather. All we know is that these last few months he was loved and he knew it. I know he thanks all of you that helped him on his journey to get here.

Panda was buried tonight in a wonderful spot in the Fur and Feather cemetery over looking the big mountain. Rest in Peace big guy and come see us again some time.




We lost our little Promise dog this week.

She became ill and died very suddenly at only 3 years of age.

She lived a happy life here at Fur and Feather, every day filled with love, fun and wonder.

Many of you knew Promise as the sweet, crippled dog with hind legs that laid up against her belly.

You may not have had the pleasure of knowing the amazing little spirit that lived inside of her.

Promise came to us as a young puppy, injured, scared, and in pain. She NEVER complained. She was just grateful that someone had come to help her, feed her, and love her.

She had the brightest eyes of anyone I have ever known

I made her a “Promise” that every day would be better than the next because that is how we live here at Fur and Feather.

Promise will be missed terribly, every day she reminded us to be joyful and grateful for our life even though things may not be perfect.

She laughed and played and had many friends.

We all loved her so much.

Godspeed little dog and we hope the “Promise” of much better days have found you now.



Promise has been buried near the parking lot where you park when you come to visit. She will be memorialized with her own headstone in a special fenced area. Promise represented everything we are about here.

Love, Hope, and Kindness to “all” Living Things.


We have set up the “The Promise Fund’ if you would like to contribute to her headstone and her memory.